Respiratory Health

By showering in a chlorine free shower, thanks to the amazing Vitamin C shower head filter, you significantly reduce the incidence of asthma and bronchitis from chlorine inhalation.

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No More Dry Skin!

Chlorine is a well know skin irritant. Dry skin can be caused by one of many, or even a combination, of factors, including excessive use of hot water, showering too frequently, and exposure to chlorinated shower water.

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For Health & Beauty

Chlorine exposure in the shower has been linked to dry skin, itchiness frizzy hair, dandruff, itchy eyes, headaches, sinus and respiratory problems and even cancer! Return to great health with a Vitamin C shower filter.

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Our Vitamin C Shower Filters are really awesome and you're going to love them!

Your hair and your skin are going to love you for showering with a Vitamin C Shower Filter from Vitamin Shower, an Australian company dedicated to your health. Do you have skin rashes? Do you have asthma or bronchial problems? If you answered "yes" to either question you will LOVE our shower filters!